Learn the Latest Web Development Trends of 2020
By IGMI blog   0 Comment      December 28, 2020

Desc- Follow the latest trends in web development process of 2020 and make highly secure sites.
We all are fascinated by technology, aren't we? In the present day context, we all are driven by technology and we make the most use of technology to smoothen our entire lifestyle. The Internet, which is considered a boon in the realm of technology is actively changing the entire scenario as well as business operations - the vast resource of everything; keeps on evolving with time. Last year in 2019 there were far more people who took to mobile communication than was expected. The number of mobile and internet users increased rapidly. And along with the rise of technology and the internet, as well as with enhanced demand for websites and software web developers all over are constantly rising up to new challenges they face with this ever continuous metamorphosis of the World Wide Web. Let's have a quick glance at the latest trends of web development in the year 2020.

Latest Web Development Trends of 2020

The Future Lies with Cloud computing and Google
Cloud computing seems to be on a new rise with several applications such as Dropbox, SkyDrive, and much more already making a name in the technology market. However, Google makes the name on the top of the list. Google Drive seems to carry an edge over its competitors as it can be utilized not only as a storage process and file sharing service but also as a Cloud-based Word Processor. You can easily upload your files on Google Drive and access them from anywhere you wish to do so. Apart from Google, some prominent name in the cloud sector is Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Salesforce, and much more just adding up the list.

UI Design
A simple and sophisticated design that can easily draw your attention is what has become the latest trend of the year 2020. Motion design is one of the crucial web design trends of the year 2020 and also for the coming year. Web designers need to have a good grip on Motion UI.

Growth in Mobile App Development
The year 2020 witnessed a sharp rise in the use of smartphones as well as the use of mobile applications. The growth in the number of Apps is sparked with the advent of the latest technology along with the coming of the latest technology smartphones in the market.

Use of Parallax
This coding trend has become quite famous these days. By using this latest method, without using flash or video you can easily add motion to your website. But while using the same you have to be careful with your effects as sometimes it can be overdone. But it is indeed a useful procedure for the developers.

Data Security
Data security plays a crucial role in the entire web development process. So, never neglect to test the security of the websites and software after development. It is better to use website security monitoring tools. Try to encrypt sensitive data and for cybersecurity, you can definitely try Artificial Intelligence.