Software Development And Digital Transformation
By IGMI blog   0 Comment      july 25, 2019

“The science of today is the technology of tomorrow”- Edward Teller

The world is on a roll for digital transformation with the implementation of digital technology in various business operations. There has been a massive change in the outlook of raising business standards and customer service experience which has provoked the rise of software development companies in India. The new age demands a faster and effective work process which requires the use of updated technologies. Thus, there was the inception of digital transformation.


The transformation of conventional techniques of business operations by the implementation of digital technology is known as digital transformation. Business goals are more customer-centric these days. Hence, it became an integral part of every business organization to consider every aspect from the customer’s point of view. The service providers have integrated sales, marketing and customer services.

Digital transformation is essential to meet emerging business and market requirements. To keep up with the trend, software technology is on constant reformation. Thus the significance of software development can be felt in every aspect of our lives.


The process of creating, designing, processing, and maintaining a software program is known as software development. In other terms, it is the process of writing and maintaining the source code which affects the functionality of the developed software.

The entire procedure of software development and design involves a series of systematic techniques for the creation and sustaining the quality of the software which meets the client requirements. This is known as the Software Development Life Cycle or SDLC. The SDLC involves the following steps:

  • Planning: This is the first step towards software development which involves the analysis and documentation of the client requirements. Later, the scope of the project is intended.
  • Implementation: Once the scope of the project is determined, the engineers write the codes according to the requirement.
  • Testing: After the software is being created, thesoftware developers look for bugs and defects.
  • Documentation: The documentation of the project is necessary for future reference and refinement of the software. It enables the software developer to keep a track of each and every step of the development process.
  • Deployment: After undergoing a successful documentation phase, the software is being deployed.
  • Maintenance: This is very crucial for sustaining the quality of developmental and delivery process of the software for improvement in the future.

Thus, software development is an elaborate procedure that conforms to a set of particular systematic techniques equipped with custom software requirements. Software development companies in India performs the creation and design of software according to the SDLC.


Our everyday life includes the execution of technology in various fields. We have become extensively dependent on the use of digital advancement to improve the efficiency and grade of service infrastructure. Business industries require technological transformation to thrive the emerging digitalization. These industries must focus on the right means to attain a complete customer delight and superior service experience.

The real picture is that every company is digital these days. This means they are powered by software technology. As perceived, with the expansion of the software applications, it has become pivotal to maintain the quality and standard. The data science development companies in India concentrate on developing software of the highest quality and best user experience.

This implies that the increasing demand for the radical rise of digital transformation necessitates an upgrade in technological advancement. Hence, the software developers engage themselves in adapting new skills for the creation and deployment of user-centric data science services.