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Publicity or promotion is a highly essential aspects for establishing any genre of business. Without extensive publicity, it is highly difficult to get a foothold in this highly competitive market. And for promoting any product or service media plays a crucial role. And in this tech-dominated age apart from traditional media, the internet has emerged as a highly influential one. So, we are witnessing a havoc rise of promoting service or product in the digital domain in the form of digital marketing. And to obtain such service for your company we can definitely take the assistance of a digital marketing company in Durgapur for building a strong online presence.

Create a Strong Online Presence with Digital Marketing Services

If you have your own business, then mere marketing of the products and services in the traditional podium is not enough. What you need is to reach out to the target or potential customers of your business directly. But how? The easiest and affordable way is through availing digital marketing services.

At IGMI Lead Consultancy Pvt Ltd, we provide our clients with comprehensive digital marketing services and solutions. Before initiating any project our experts conduct business keyword research. We work with highly competitive keywords that can provide you with high search volumes resulting in the process of lead generation and revenue.

Explore Our Internet Marketing Solutions

As mentioned earlier we provide a complete package or veritable internet marketing solutions for our clients. Every project that we undertake is of equal importance to us. And most importantly we do thorough research on the project and undertake competitor analysis. After analyzing the client’s competitor we customize our services accordingly that can assist our customers to attain their marketing targets.

At IGMI Lead we have created a niche for ourselves as a renowned name in the domain of digital marketing or internet marketing solutions. Moreover, we cater to guranteed results that will help your business to impart maximum visibility.

We Work with a Far-Reaching Digital Marketing Strategy

Before we initiate a project we make an in-depth study of the project and draft a far-reaching digital marketing strategy that will in the long run assist our clients to reach their targeted audience or target customers. We blend the perfect essence of flexibility in our work delivery. Our experts adopt innovative technology and methodology that can provide high yields.

Moreover, we work with an extremely talented team of digital marketing experts who strives to deliver the best result. Being a digital marketing agency with our team we focus on enticing, engaging as well as transforming your customers or leads into sales.

Services We Cater as a Digital Marketing Company

We have not limited ourselves in providing a single solution rather we have scattered in a multifarious dimension. In the field of digital marketing, we impart services like-

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    If you want an online presence then what you need is to highlight your website with the aid of SEO. It will help to put your portal on the first page of the Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

  • E-mail Advertising

    This segment can prove beneficial because this podium has the potential to reach the audience directly.

  • PPC or Pay Per Click Management

    With the experienced team and resources we have the capability to impart our client's right solutions.

  • Social Media Marketing

    As a medium of communication in the present day scenario, the social media platform has evolved as an effective means of communication that has the huge potential to generate genuine feedbacks from target customers.

    Our team of experts constantly strives to mark your presence felt in the social media domain. We actively work with Youtube, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.

  • Web Traffic Optimization

    For boosting your business high conversion rates are compulsory and our team ensures to provide traffic to your business. Moreover, our team ensures that visitors stay on the page.

  • App Store Optimization

    Any mobile application either it is in the android version or in the iOS mode cannot come on the top rating all of a sudden. For getting top rankings the process of conducting app store optimization or in short ASO is required. This technique involves the overall process of mobile app visibility in an application store.

Online Reputation Management

Apart from imparting the above mentioned services we also deal with online reputation management service which is very much essential for any organization or business. Managing a company’s reputation is extremely essential to take your business to the next level. It helps to build a brand name and trustability among the target audience or customers. Being an experienced online reputation management firm we understand your requirements of building an image that can enhance and further nurture the prestige of your brand.

What do we do to improve our client’s online reputation? Actually, we do take care a lot about our clients or customers. We apply strategies that will indeed assist in business growth and development. The following are the strategies that we adopt to provide you yield-

  • We create and manage online reputation and for this, we take the help of social media platforms and various other online forums that are tested avenues for imparting results while maintaining online reputation.
  • Our experts help to remove negative comments from websites and social media platforms that have the potential to harm the company’s reputation.
  • We conduct the regular online process of monitoring business reputation. We ensure to maintain a positive outlook of our client’s in the online platform.
  • We initiate to provide a positive reputation for our clients by putting the best and worthy information on the website. Apart from this we also draft a strategy that can enhance reputation in every possible manner.

Four Steps towards Your Brand Success

While accomplishing a project we follow four simple steps.

  • Initiation- We seat with our clients in order to understand their goals, purpose, scope, and deliverables to be produced.
  • Planning- We draft strategies that can surely help us to achieve the purpose or aim.
  • Execution- Our experts initiate chalking out the plan as per the pre-drafted strategy.
  • Monitoring- At IGMI Lead, we do not leave a project just after finishing it. Rather, we believe in a constant process of monitoring.

Why will You Choose Us?

We can provide some reasons that will definitely drive you to select us.

  • We can provide long-time search engine indexing even after you decide to stop doing SEO.
  • We do not have any hidden charges. Our service will not give a hole in your pocket.
  • We can help you with quality link building.
  • We have a team of experts who can guide you.
  • Customer satisfaction is our main aim. So we deal with every project with utmost dedication and care
  • We are equipped enough to handle multiple projects at a time.
At IGMI, we are happy to help you in every possible way