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FolkHaat– An app that caters the cultural heritage to the masses

FolkHaat caters India’s finest art forms to the people. The application enables users to take a look into the rich cultural heritage and purchase antique materials. The app has been installed with a framework that makes navigation seamless. FolkHaat offers a glimpse into the root of culture, the folk genre, selling hard crafted saris, ornaments and other materials.. Besides, the app enables the exposure of all features from your mobile screen itself.

Exposing Artisans to greater opportunities

The project came to us with traditional skills- artisans striving to provide handmade artifacts to the people and earn a handsome living. The idea was that of an app that would allow users to know and purchase the essence of culture of various states showcasing the talents of the artists through sari and other beautiful handicrafts.

Reviving the tradition of custom of India FolkHaat is an initiative to connect people to the roots of culture. It was also ideated to help the artisans gain a recognition in the global market through social platforms.

Our Socializing Process
By IGMI Lead

Once we are clear about the ideas and requirements, we go on to frame the planning phase of the application. We analyzed various perspectives- divided into milestones- delivering the perfectly fit app.

At this stage we had a clear vision of what exactly a user would be performing inside FolkHaat.:

  • Explore various traditional arts by venturing through the platform for each state.
  • Choose from hundreds of varieties
  • Purchase your favorite material originally hand crafted by artisans
  • Share the gathered experience with others in your circle.

An amalgamation of the distinct topography

FolkHaat was a product of the initiative to support artisans who consistently strive to tailor the roots of the nation through their handicrafts. It was possible due to the continuous effort of the expert team working hand in hand, set up solely to revive the culture of the land, and conquer the development challenges that were identified during the planning phase of the application. Our passion for the root of culture and refined art forms have instilled this zeal to bring up the natural art forms of the land, integrating various zones and promoting their root culture.

Our final creation as a result

After devoting hours to the development process, brainstorming the ideas with the entire team, we created an app having the gems of our culture. The app truly brought forth many talents and are continuously being added to the list. The application has a remarkable interface, valuing and enriching the roots of existence.

This is a venture to provide a platform for artists striving to showcase their ingrained talent to the world, helping them earn a livelihood and gain recognition. We work for a greater cause, delving deep in the handcrafted art forms, presenting before the world the true essence of each state and region.

Study our website today to get more information about each state and its culture.

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