Welcome To Harmoniverse

Harmoniverse is the first-ever world-class Indian Classical music platform to provide a unique, curated musical learning journey for our learners. Use our platform to explore Indian classical music like never before.


Harmoniverse a musical platform to tune in to the life of artists, Harmoniverse provides a musical journey to people, helping them learn and explore the harmony of Indian Classical music. The focus is on performance-driven learning, providing seamless experience to learners. We look forward to create future artists enriching the land of culture and traditions.

Challenges accomplished

Striving to be UK’s largest Indian music learning platform, Harmoniverse brings up a range of opportunities for learners to train them in an excelling manner and  enable them to showcase their talent to the world. We provide opportunities to receive training through esteemed gurus who are keen to bring out the best in artists. Blending traditionalism and modernism, we have created a platform that not only recognizes talents but also grooms them to make them capable of putting up a marvelous show making great future artists.

Impact drawn

Blending creativity and innovation, this platform respects all with a genuine appreciation of arts and looks forward to leave an indelible mark in the musical world. Providing online learning session through esteemed musicians, our courses are framed to provide great impact in the world of Indian classical music. We instill learners with harmonious skills and confidence creating a  community fit to collaborate with advanced musicians and to perform on stage. Harmoniverse guides learners throughout the course- from composition to launching providing a musical journey like none. We integrate the guru with the shishya, promoting the essence of Indian culture and tradition.

HQ India

Phase-1, 4th Floor, Webel IT Park, Durgapur W.B.-713208, INDIA