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Designs that pull the emotional string

Our interface are engaging and intuitive, effortlessly guiding users to obtain the desired objectives.

Business exploration and user studies

Usability experimentation and analysis

Designing sprints

UI and visual designs

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Expertise and platform integration

UX Workshops

Customer journey mapping

IGMI LEAD Designing expertise

Crafting strategies and delivering the outstanding is our forte. We do not limit ourselves to just craft a solution, rather we explore much far and beyond.


Discover in-depth knowledge of the business ideals and needs of the users


Formulate a perfect strategic plan that cuts through all barriers.


Turns visions into reality. Designs magnificent designs that reflect the business objectives.


Review usability and feedback of users. Reprise with a more efficient and responsive outlook.

Frequently asked questions

How does UI and UX designs differ?

UX stands for User Experience. It is all about understanding the user interaction with the features of an app.  UX app design aims at turning users into customers by offering a magnificent visual journey.
UI on the other hand stands for User Interface. It deals with the entire synchronization of the app elements, determining how each will align on the page in relation to one another thereby providing an outlook into the actual presentation of the application. The elements include icons, colors, buttons, fonts etc. UI design facilitates the best possible interaction.

How does a UI/UX designer and product designer differ?

UI/UX designers carry on with the research, collection, evaluation of user requirements keeping the development of the product in concern. They are responsible for providing an exceptional experience to the users along with delivering a spectacular application design.
A Product designer is one who is in charge of everything- be it coding, UI, UX, or project management. They are also responsible for figuring out appropriate solutions to the probable problems.

UX deliverables are the output generated at the end of the design process which helps designers communicate with stakeholders, key executives and team members.
The timeless list of UX deliverables involves user persona, empathy maps, paper sketches, wireframes, clickable prototypes and more.

Differentiate between Ui/UX designers and programmers.

A programmer is one who writes computer software applications or programs by giving necessary programming codes to the machine.
UI/UX designers on the other hand are in charge of the research, investigation, collection and evaluation of the user perspective in order to develop the application accordingly.

How is an ideal UI designed?

User Interface Designing is all about enhancing the user’s experience by strengthening the app’s interface. It involves the selection of the right interface elements like buttons, icons, fonts and the like. The emphasis should be on the visual aspect of the app, generating an outcome that would entice maximum users.

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