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Right testing- Accurate results

In the market reeling with multiple apps, all competing with the other, users tend to stick to the platforms that allows them an easy navigation and seamless experience. Keeping an update of the latest trends and market, we add necessary features to our services, providing a memorable experience to the users.

We understand the importance of creating a  commendable website. A website that renders utmost functional value, providing agile quality assurance. We inspect and test all variables concerning the website and rectify the issues from time to time. We provide suitable solutions to all loopholes in the development process and cut off any problematic edge.

We offer QA services that helps us to understand the users and their requirements. Our testing is not only manual but also comprises of various automated testing services to ensure maximum efficiency of your application, providing the most functional user experience.

Our QA services single handedly manage all hazards

Our spectrum of services fulfills all your needs and demands, providing you a stress-free experience

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You have a vision. We have a way to get you there.

Global Leader in new age digital product development

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Not sure how to manage your QA section? Get valuable information.

Come to the most important decision regarding testing approaches and find the right testing type your app needs.

Localized testing

Automated mobile app testing is a facility that ensures that the new products do not face any hazards of bugs or utility. Manual testing is always an option but at times it fails to provide the adequate results on account of human error. On the other hand, automated app testing provides quality assurance and also has the benefit of completing the task in a much lesser time.

Automated app testing

Automated mobile application testing is the best means to ensure that new product versions do not hinder functionality or create new bugs. Compared to manual testing, automation in mobile application quality assurance offers many benefits such as: Lesser time to market Ability to test complex business logic Cost Cutting Less risk of human error

Visual QA

IGMI LEAD offers visual testing tools to help businesses rise above all problems and shape the domain of business. We use various verification solutions to facilitate maximum utility to customers.

UAT of applications

User acceptance testing provides an opportunity to carry out a real analysis of the software by putting it across actual users and thus giving a scope to match your expectations. Our testing tools cover a wide range of platforms, availing website testing through various cycles, accurately meeting deadlines. Our testing tools are easily changeable and thus can be replaced with the best fitting one according to the issues arising in the website. Our tools not only enhance the performance of your website, but also capture the actions of the user ion detail, noting all defects. During the course of testing process, our tools capture screenshots and statistics and generates automatic reports like no other platform.

QA consulting for applications

We ensure of getting a clear report of the QA process to help in building of a strong platform. Our QA consultants gather all relevant data within your environment. We analyze the best suited QA model for your business by following the IEEE and CMM standards, identifying any kind of loopholes in the process. We provide complete support to help you build a high-quality procedure, assisting you from the very beginning and also providing additional support thereafter. Our assessment helps you get a record of the good practices that you may not otherwise get note of as well as the defects and also recommends possible ways for improvement. Last of all we provide a valuable framework to extract maximum revenue and enhance the productivity of your platform.

Discovery workshops

While conducting a QA testing invincible tasks may arise. Our tools facilitate communication around the global platform, maintaining a cost-effective budget and integrating a flexible planning, curtailing the risks involved. We use network-based approach for maximum user satisfaction. Defining the objective and shared goals across the clients and all teams for an enhanced quality is our forte. We fully acknowledge the need for update to a successful growth and provide the same with complete transparency generating instances for instant feedback and action. We strive to bring forth information that focuses on improvements. Our tools provide auto generated reports providing greater scopes of scaling and catering valuable takeaways.

IGMI LEAD as the perfectionist

Customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal of an industry and there is no room for errors when it comes to imparting services to them. Taking over all competitors is a top-notch priority in nay business.

  • Our test-driven approach provides the most effective testing module
  • We test the apps by putting it across real devices
  • We test the experiences on various data networks
  • We test apps in varied languages
  • We test battery consumption and inter-operability.
  • Apps and user data are our topmost priority.

Frequently asked questions

How does Quality Assurance and Quality Control differ?

Quality Assurance is meant to  secure the development process from any defects. It crosschecks the approaches like method, processes, techniques, taken for the designing of the project and verifies whether they are implemented correctly or not.
Quality Control on the other hand identifies the defect in particular. It checks if the approaches have been followed rightly or not.

What is the significance of QA?

Quality assurance is important for checking the standard level of the service or products. It ensures that the customers get the kind of product that makes them come over to the website again and again. QA also ensures users’ satisfaction by detecting all defects before launching the final product.

What are the types of mobile app testing services?

There are a number of mobile app testing services. Few of them includes:

  • Functional Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Interrupt Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Memory Leakage Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Operational Testing
  • Installation Testing
Which is the most favorable tool for automation testing of mobile application?

Automation testing facilitates the testing of quality and effectiveness of the mobile hardware and software in detail. The following list contains some of the best tools :

  • Appium
  • UiAutomatior
  • Robotium
  • MonkeyRunner
  • Selendroid
  • Testdroid
  • MonkeyTalk
  • Frank
  • Calabash
  • SeeTest
What are the best Cross-platform mobile app testing tools?

Below mentioned are some of cross-platform mobile app testing services:

  • WebLOAD
  • Calabash
  • TestComplete by SmartBear
  • TestDroid by CloudBear
  • See Test Continuous Testing Platform

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