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We help to boost property transactions by connecting stakeholders easily with the properties. As a real estate app development company we provide the most seamless experience to stakeholders in getting to their dream properties with just a simple click or swipe of the smartphone from their home itself.

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Easing the process of buying and selling property

Our Real Estate services are drawn in a way that it provides the easiest way in dealing with end-to-end users. Our services provide a platform for builders, brokers and aggregators to connect with users flexibly without the need for any third party assistance.

Our developers have extensive knowledge and skill in the real estate app development and does every needful in the development of property apps. Our services are strategized such that they meet all the demands of stakeholders from time to time.

Benefits of choosing IGMI LEAD

By partnering with us, you not only get a functional mobile app platform but also unlock the room for multiple perks associated with it.

Targeted leads

Take the lead and stay ahead in the game. Our development approach targets the smartphones users, the number of which have been increasing each day. By making a call to the smartphone users, we inevitably secure more leads creating more revenue from the business.

Global access

We help you get through clients and agents globally. This connection with clients from any corner of the world widens your scope enriching your network.

Managing inventory

We are the real property cell app development enterprise that excels in introduction of portals preserving properties from multiple agents and brokers. We help you manage the inventory of your real estate that allows an easy scooping of properties, their costs, neighborhood, and accessories.

Tech-based operation

We infused the next level technological tools, like Blockchain, AI, etc to efficiently solve the problem of the stakeholders.

We have the perfect solution to satisfy all your stakeholders’ needs

Our real estate app development services takes  a leap in truly developing the business by connecting all your stakeholders. No matter your requirement be of a buyer, seller, or real-estate agents, we look over it all.

For buyers and sellers

We provide quality real estate app development solutions , making the process of buying and selling property a simplified one. Our services are easily accessible making the business process simplified. We avail AR/AV technology and facility of location map to bring the process on your fingertips.

For Aggregators

Our formulation of developing real estate apps makes it a easily accessible process. Our services for real estate aggregators includes the video display of property, listing submission and the payment details.

For companies or sellers

We have a different set of customized features for real estate properties willing to rent or sell their properties. Our platform guarantees them maximum security by availing scope to view their license, learn about the background of the buyer and their credit check.

Our Real Estate Apps make you get a Home that reflects your personality

Our optimized level of services help buyers find the exact kind of home they have been looking for and also treats the agent with a kind of deal that would suit all of their criteria managed within a specific time frame.

Real Estate management

We believe real estate app developers are not just about dealing with your estates and handing over the project to you but also about maintaining and making the process a functional one. Our expert team of developers present the most conversion friendly real estate app design. Along with it they stich innovative ideas to always keep you on the advantage. From the very initial stage we provide the working models to you after designing the app’s prototype. We carry it through various testing process to finally present you with a flawless app.

Online Property Assistance

Our team of real estate app makers offers the most convenient solutions for your hotel, resort, lodging, rental apartments. Rich media content helps to create a greater market value showcasing your property to a multitude of clients. Various payment opportunities are channelized in our apps to provide the hassle-free mode of cashless transactions.

Property assistance

The task of property management covers a wide prospectus. Our real estate mobile apps bring you opportunities to make the complicated process way simpler. Through our apps we ensure that businesses get a platform to manage the tasks seamlessly.

Mobile App Assistance

You can always consult our real estate app developers to assist you in any idea on the viability and profitability of your app idea. You provide your app prospects to our team, and they would find the most effective suggestions to ensure the functionality and scalability of your app.

Enterprise Assistance

We offer enterprise solution to real estate companies during the development of real estate apps. We do so not only to assist them in the business process and managing our task but also to provide them with greater opportunities in the marketing process. Our apps help you to analyze your place in the market for buyers and brokers.

Lead management assistance

We design our apps in a way such that it can analyze and segregate leads by placing them into different categories. We design our solutions to provide maximum utility within competitive rates.

Frequently asked questions

Mention some of the best real estate apps?

Presently a wide number of real estate apps are active in the market. Still Zillow and Trulia are the ones that are mostly favored by real estate app development agencies.

What is the cost involved in creating a real estate app?

Well, calculating the cost involved in creating a real estate app is a huge process. To get an idea of it, there has to be a clear understanding of the project scope. However, you would find the estimation of MVP cost of real estate application development in our articles.

The features that real estate app builders generally includes the following :;

  • Dashboard
  • Map integration
  • Onboarding of users
  • Calendars
  • Search and Filter
  • Apartment details
  • Currency Converter
  • Virtual tours
  • Message and forum
  • Notifications
What is the process of making revenue from a real estate app?

Three primary ways of making money from real estate apps have been listed below :

  • Selling Ad slots to Property Management Companies
  • Premier Service facilities to real estate agents
  • Selling add slots to mortgage lenders
How does a personal mobile app benefit a real estate agency?

Real estate application development itself comes with a number of perks. Most importantly, it helps you become a part of the growing market. With respect to mobile real estate business, the market and the users are increasing rapidly each day. Real estate applications help you reach to multiple warm leads and make your agency always open to queries.

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