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Catering a flexible app service to the restaurant industry enabling fast delivery and easy payments.

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Installing all components that take your application to the forefront

We install features in your app that makes your restaurant services noteworthy.

Access to location

We design apps such that your users get maximum benefit after downloading it. The GPS feature that we employ in our apps helps you to send location-based deals to people. This feature also comes with an added facility of reservation rights for your customers, sending them notifications of the same.

Share Your reviews

We bring forth the section in our apps where customers may share the reviews about your restaurant and the food. We share the same information in the social media platform directly from the application. This feature has been installed as a part of excelling marketing opportunity and the reviews as put out in the social domain, helps to accelerate the sales in no time.

Recording customer usability

Our apps are provided with features that helps you keep an eye on your customers’ action from time to time, effortlessly. Through our developed apps you can keep a track record of users who viewed, visited or downloaded your applications. Moreover, you can find a dashboard from where all of their contact details can be retrieved helping you to maintain a concrete database and providing valuable information so that you can reach out to the target audience in minimum time.

Simple features

We have developed apps with the most simple handling features, especially in case of food delivery apps. Our apps are designed with complete images and user-friendly features. We ask users to mention their favorite item in the list, which also has a simplified method to be found. They can filter the items according to the price, dishes and tastes and get the one that would satisfy their current taste buds.

Rapid reservation

Our apps have the excelling facility of getting automated updates. This helps to optimize the performance of your restaurant and helps in the time management as well especially during the busy seasons when managing a heavy amount of customers becomes difficult. The quick reservation functionality helps you manage restaurant updates easily.

Event record

Our apps are best suited to maintain a record of events that you may otherwise struggle to keep a track of. It notifies you of food festivals, jamming nights, events and many more important dates.

Our choice of features makes us a preferred restaurant app development company

Below are the integrations that are installed in our apps making the developed applications scalable, engaging and of maximum utility.

Multiple payment modules

Payment management is another heavy task in any business. Our apps are integrated with multiple payment options that the users can choose from. It includes online transfers, card payments, e-wallets, coupon redemption. Cashless transactions are the most secured and simple mode of payment and enhances the dining experience. Our payment modules are designed to provide smooth experience to the users.

Seamless media integration

We avail the inclusion of images, animations, and other media content into your app with no complications. You can anytime add in your preferred or desired images, landmarks for easy navigation, food menu, images of specific events into the website to reach up to more visitors and to portray the accessibility of your restaurant.

Bonus feature

We enable your app with a referral system that engages them in earning points as they dine in your restaurant. This excites more number of customer each day to order from your restaurant or come to dine in. This benefits both your platform and the customers to fulfill each one’s objective from their perspectives. This enables you to not only earn customers but also generate greater revenue through subscriptions.

All round compatibility

We develop the apps in a way that they may be compatible across multiple platforms. The apps align to different screen sizes making them convenient for both Android and Apple users. Our developed apps ensure you of getting to any platform that your customers use.

Notification facility

We enable well-timed notifications in your apps. It provides a great opportunity to your business enabling you to send personalized messages to your customers allowing you to make maximum revenue and higher reaches.

Frequently asked questions

I just started my restaurant business. Is it the right time to invest in a mobile app?
  • The growth of a restaurant and the investment into a restaurant mobile app are both interdependent. A mobile app would be the best method to help you get all the partnered restaurants in one place and also take the platform to a higher reach.

    The apps popularize your network and help you stay connected with the world outside. Also, you can advertise about your app and get it promoted across multiple users. You just need to figure out the right monetization model from an efficient app development company.


The reason behind the popularity of social networking apps is the ease of accessibility and higher reach. As they provide an amazing channel to stay connected with friends or getting updated about the new products.

If yours is a cab booking app like Uber, you can make money by charging the passengers and through surge pricing. If yours is a food delivery app like Zomato, you can make money by advertising the restaurant in your app. There can be several other monetization models, get in touch with an on demand software development company to understand your options.

Will you provide me with the app’s source code once it is developed?
    • Yes. At IGMI LEAD we offer complete transparency to our clients and provide them with the entire source code once the app is deployed.

Do you provide app launch support?

Yes. At IGMI LEAD we do provide launching support to our clients. We assist you in the entire process of placing your app both in the App store and Play store.

What is the time and cost involved in developing a restaurant app?

The time and cost differs according to the requirements of technology and features in the project. However, you can view our restaurant app development cost article to get an idea of it.

List certain good features of a restaurant app.

Search option, GPS ability, online payment, etc are certain features that a restaurant mobile app must have. These are the most basic ones while there are many other that can be added to your app to make your restaurant rise above the competitive edge.

What is the need of mobile apps for restaurants?

Mobile apps for restaurants have  a number of benefits. From getting access to a wide range of users to streamlining your access, mobile app accelerates it all. But the prime benefit of mobile apps lies in high revenue.

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