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Search Engine Optimization

Turn The Limelight on Your Business with SEO company in India

The meager building of a website is not enough in this age of digitization. Every single business, either small, medium, or large in its capacity is developing its website in order to get recognition in the digital world. Hence, the competition is quite fierce. A customer can get access to multiple sites at a time offering identical products and services and also having the same target audience. Then what is the way out? How can you get your website visible? The solution is through SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

At IGMI, we provide our clients with the best possible SEO services. We are a reputed SEO company in India.

Rank Your Website with Quality Online Marketing

Through the podium of Search engine optimization or in short SEO it is indeed possible to give your website a shape or growth in terms of sales or business perspective. Search Engine Optimization is the core of digital marketing and the entire concept behind furnishing digital marketing remains incomplete without the presence of SEO as a tool.

The main concept of SEO is to optimize your web portal and to place it on the top Google rankings. Being one of the leading online marketing or SEO companies in India our focus is to draft strategy for your organization that has the capacity or power to maximize sales and minimize customer acquisition cost with a far-reaching impact.

The Sectors Where We Cater Our Service

IGMI Lead is one of the leading firm proving SEO services in Durgapur. We operate as a team that can deliver the best out of them. Our team members have years of experience in the genre of digital marketing and SEO services. As you choose to operate or work with us you can get to understand that we constantly keep in touch with the latest updates provided by Google and work according to the latest techniques and methodology.

At IGMI Lead, our team members possess the strength and confidence to serve in any industrial sector like FMCG, education, retail, real estate, healthcare, automobile, e-commerce, etc.

Being a Top SEO Company We Define Strategies to Gain Maximum Benefits

Our SEO strategy involves a lot of planning and drafting of concepts. From the initial stage till as a client you see the result of your project we put dedication and strategy planning. As a top SEO company, we define every stage of our work very well to make our entire operation clear in front of our clients.

While initiating a project we perform thorough research of the web portal, accomplish competitor analysis, and then develop our strategies accordingly.

How Do We Operate?

What do we do to offer our clients growth-centric SEO services? Let’s take a look.
We thoroughly study the web portal of the client and discuss it with the client to get an idea of the business. Our team conducts keyword research for selecting the right keyword that people will search for and can easily get access to the website. We carry on thorough competitor analysis to check out how they have drafted their strategies and our experts aid our clients in a similar manner. We carry on website audit and process of optimization along with SEO analytics research. While doing optimization we keep a constant look at the analytics portion to remain aware of the progress. We also focus on strategizing the content marketing portion. Our team of content writers along with digital marketing executives chalk out plans together in order to provide the best result.

Techniques We Adopt for Accomplishing a Project

We adopt latest techniques for successfully accomplishing our project. Our team rightly focuses on all the techniques like- i. On Page Optimization-

It is crucial part or segment of SEO. On page optimization services is very essential for every web portal because it assist in getting page ranking and site ranking in the search engine result page in short SERP. Optimized and high ranked sites enjoy the benefit of getting more traffic.

Factors essential for on page SEO. Mentioning title tag Providing meta description for the website Prioritizing headline Checking the loading speed of the site Choosing keywords is another big leap that we ensure with utmost precision and research. Internal link optimization Image optimization Schema implementation We also check the loading speed of the web portal because if your website takes more than four to five second of loading time then your visitors may leave the portal.

Technical SEO optimization.

The term technical SEO serves the purpose of dealing with the technical aspect of the modern search engines with a goal to enhance the organic ranking of a website. And if your technical SEO is messed up be sure that your website is not going to rank. So, it is essential to give equal importance to technical SEO optimization.

This genre of SEO optimization includes or involves a lot of aspects to be taken care of –

Url Structure Canonical Tag Image Optimization Structured Data Page Speed Optimization Thin Content Duplicate Content and The List Continues

Off-Page Optimization

Like on page or on-site optimization Off page optimization is another essential part of Search Engine Optimization. It denotes to any activity done outside from your website by the potential to improve search engine ranking

Factors essential for on page SEO
  • Social Bookmarking- Such bookmarking sites are platform for promoting your website.
  • Documents sharing – Sharing documents means providing information about your website in ppt or pdf form. And through this web traffic can be generated.
  • Image and video submission – Through image and video submission sites like Instagram, Tumblr, Youtube, Vimeo, etc any business organization can share their relevant picture or video through these platforms and can gain web visitors.
  • Article and blog submission- Here we submit high quality content about the particular website in order to disseminate information and gain web traffic.
  • Local Business Listing
  • Question & Answering
Content Marketing

We Provide Fully Customized Content Marketing

At IGMI Lead, we highly focus on content marketing techniques or methodology. Our content writing experts understands the value of providing quality content and hence gives priority in catering top-notch materials that can be easily ranked. Moreover, we offer unique content that has the potential to get your web portal to the top search rankings.

With our team, we believe to deliver or cater end to end service to our clients right from providing high-quality content to optimizing it and helping your business to give a boost. Our professional content writers cater fully customized content marketing techniques that will perfectly suit the requirements of our esteemed clients.

We Employ White-Hat SEO Techniques

At IGMI, we do care about your business and our aim is to deliver you the best result. And for this reason, we opt to choose White-Hat SEO Techniques. White- Hat SEO is considered to be the appropriate method for promoting a business online with the aid of online marketing or SEO and the search engine giant Google also approves it.

We focus on mobile-friendliness of website, fast loading of the portal, quality content, using rich keywords, etc essential for the white-Hat technique for our client’s project.

Our Process of Operation

While accomplishing a project we follow four simple steps.
  • Initiation- We seat with our clients in order to understand their goals, purpose, scope, and deliverables to be produced.
  • Planning- We draft strategies that can surely help us to achieve the purpose or aim.
  • Execution- Our experts initiate chalking out the plan as per the pre-drafted strategy.
  • Monitoring- At IGMI Lead, we do not leave a project just after finishing it. Rather, we believe in a constant process of monitoring.

Why Choose IGMI Lead?

Here are certain valuable reasons that will assist you to choose us.
  • We focus on result oriented service.
  • We give high importance to the content marketing section.
  • We provide comprehensive and expert service
  • We engage ourselves in promoting our client in every ambit of social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
  • We cater customized service to our clients.
  • We do provide a complete solution for On-page as well as off-page optimization
  • We provide 24*7 customer care support.
  • We do focus on link building.