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Social media services that helps you interact

From network website designing to extensive development , our social media apps connects you to the world and develops your business prospectus.

Effective social networking

Our expert professionals design and develop a social networking mobile app for you to help you get updates of the outer world and effortlessly staying aware of the real time incidents.

Social networking updates

Our social media apps contains tools that helps our clients to have an outlook of their review in various platforms. They can get an insight into how their apps are being handled, how the users react to their campaigns, and also about the experience of them in favor or against the app.

Communicative app

We understand that social media is best utilized through messaging and chats. Thus we produce an app that allows you to instantly connect to your users, committing highest security and hack-free services.

Video Apps

We excel in creating most favored video based applications. Our clients have trusted us over the years to provide them with YouTube like video apps. We also develop video call apps to help users connect with their partners face-to-face eliminating the drawbacks of being miles apart.

Social Gaming

Networking is best cherished when it is made enjoyable. Blending amusement, technology and networking together, our apps provides exciting experience to users to enjoyably get connected to you.

Dating apps

We develop our apps such that it delves deep into the dating world and provides the best atmosphere to form relationships. We look forward to simplify the dating world by using a robust verification algorithm.

Robust social media networking

Installing traditional business with best fitting social media elements and networking app development solutions.

IGMI LEAD empowers business with applications that enrich the platform with vast social capabilities. Our tools make the collaboration of your business to the outer world a lot more convenient and collaborative. We focus on empowering social enterprises by blending our development skills with the next-gen technologies.

Business tools

  • Knowledge Base
  • Polls
  • Search
  • Calendar Management
  • React Native
  • Task Management

Employee networking

  • Real-Time Messaging
  • Discussions
  • Notifications
  • Intelligent Feed

Work process management

  • Version Control
  • Document Collaboration
  • Tagging
  • File Sharing

Team evaluation

  • Voting
  • Ratings
  • Badges
  • Privileges

Video Calls

  • Voting
  • Video Conferencing
  • Enterprise Webcasting
  • Video Messages

Empowering your app with social features

We install features in your app that facilitates connectivity to a wide range of platforms.

Profile Add

Map Add

Media sharing


Online chat

Media Editing

API integration

Take your apps to the social platform

Our technical skills are employed to design and develop social media apps that makes your business take over others.

Chatbots AI

We are strategically using AI to build a highly personalized and intuitive user experience through tools such as chatbots and virtual assistants, making interactions between users and brands seamless.

Blockchain Technology

We facilitate fair opportunities to all through our Blockchain platform. This makes your social media industry more transparent and accessible. It also gives the perks of reward syatem to content curators.

Embarking reality

Our augmented reality solution enhances the interactivity of your platform. We aim at improving your business prospects rapidly through the maximum engagement of your application.


Our team of Social Media App Developers offers IoT enabled social media tracking applications. We develop smart objects that are optimized for social media, enabling automated posts and shares for being generated by the mesh of connected devices.

Artificial intelligence

Using Artificial Intelligence tool makes boosts your business functionality. WE incorporate tools like virtual assistants and chatbots to enable your business with the power of reaching to a wider crowd seamlessly.

Frequently asked questions

Should I invest in Social Media App Development when there are already a multiple number of social media apps in the market?

Smartphones have shifted from luxury to necessity in today’s world. Thousands of mobile apps are available today, ready to be downloaded, enhancing user experience critically. Social media apps have also become much popular today. Social media networking website/apps is one of the most amazing platforms today for putting out your products to the masses. Large number of users access these platform on a daily basis. But all of it can only provide an advantage if you hire the right social network app development company to do the task.

Why should I trust IGMI for my social media app development?

IGMI LEAD is one of the leading social media application development agencies. We provide efficient and cost-effective services to customers, giving them a global recognition. We are well versed with all the features that make a social media app popular, having multiple apps running at various social networking platforms. We meet all requirements of our clients and design the apps in a way such that it reaches the target audience at large.

How is IGMI different from other social media app development companies?

IGMI brings to you the expert talents in the development of  social media networking apps. Our developers are proficient in their respective fields. We maintain proper timelines in providing cost-effective solutions for application development. Our excellent services are known to meet the client’s business needs appropriately. We know that having a mobile app is not enough if the right tools are not installed in it. Not a single product would be sold in such a scenario. We therefore take a note that our developed apps caters to the need of the users. Our apps are easy to navigate through, installed with all the critical elements, and adopting the latest trends, changes and upgrades. Our developers are ready to update any change that may be required according to the latest features. Our apps are designed and deployed to provide maximum value and revenue to the clients.

What is the cost incurred in social network app development?

The costing for the development of a social media app varies according to a number of factors :

  • App Category
  • App features
  • App Tech stack
  • Location of your partner company

Estimations & planning for business decisions

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