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At IGMI LEAD, we prioritize users above all. We frame our strategies in a way that fulfills the demands and needs of the users.

Our experienced team of UX Designers take statistics, insights, and business requirements under consideration to assess the satisfactory user requirements. We counter UX challenges to any project ad provide an appropriate plan to enhance development in the future.

UX review has the power to accelerate the market value of the website. It facilitates a rapid result, being affordable at the same time. Gathering significant details on usability issues we have penned down the UX improvement strategies and necessary changes to provide guaranteed results, enriching the business overall.

Our expertise

We look forward to increase the business value in the global market. We constantly seek for newer knowledge and keep an upgraded approach throughout the process.

Analyze data

Data is a key factor in UX review. We take various aspects into account including business metrics, conduct SUS surveys to analyze what is the best fit for your business approach.

Accumulate information

We keep an eye on the future scope while gathering insights of the users’ patterns and behaviors.

Rapid solutions

Studying the usability aspects, we recommend appropriate solutions that makes the UX highly efficient.

How we handle our UX Reviews

We perform regular revisions of our strategies. With such routine checkup, there is no scope of loopholes. We gathered knowledge of certain design flaws, confusing components and response issues from over the years making our framework a balanced one.

Front-end expertise

Expressing a clear goal helps the users to gain a clear understanding from the UX review. We set forth a clear business objective to depict a simple roadmap.

Inspecting audience

We study and access the behavior of users regularly, speculate reasons behind their dropouts and rectify them. We take a note of user needs and draft a document scanning their journey. This helps us to bring out the best results and provide the most useful journey to users.

Utility scanning

Utility is the key motto of UX Review. We gather knowledge regarding the insight of users and fill up the loopholes, if any to give them the most valuable results.


We present a genuine review to our clients as to where the hurdle lies in setting forth an invaluable platform. We list the reviews and take it as a challenge to overcome where the end results would be extraordinary. Noting the feedbacks provides an opportunity to rectify everything that went wrong and provide a seamless experience to customers.

Frequently asked questions

How does UX review concern the business value of a digital product?

UX Reviews improves the productivity by making a note of the issues that have an effect on user experience. It has  a number of benefits along with being budget-friendly and providing guaranteed results. A multitude of solutions are suggested after carefully testing and reviewing the prospects, making the UX highly efficient.

On the other hand, UI is the acronym for User Interface. It is all about the actual presentation of the app while determining how every element in the app will align on the page in relation to one another. This particularly includes things like- icons, colors, buttons, fonts, images, etc. The primary goal of UI design is to provide the best interaction possible.

What is Heuristic Analysis?

Heuristic Analysis evaluates a product to verify the user interest in it. It is done to assure the usability of a product.
During a Heuristic evaluation, experts reviews a product under various guidelines. User control, prevention of errors, minimalist designs are a few headlines that are considered during evaluation. It is vital in identifying the design flaws in a project.

UX deliverables are the output generated at the end of the design process which helps designers communicate with stakeholders, key executives and team members.
The timeless list of UX deliverables involves user persona, empathy maps, paper sketches, wireframes, clickable prototypes and more.

What is to be expected after a UX review?

A UX review tests the accessibility and usability of a product. After such a review, a report is generated outlining the flaws and issues aligning to user experience. A list of proposed solution for the same is also provided.

How is a UX Review conducted?

To conduct a valuable UX Review, the user experience must be generated against a set of guidelines. Few steps are conducted to identify the usability issues.
Primarily the scope of review is defined. We understand the requirements of the clients and take a note of the user demographic. Thereafter a set of tools is finalized on which the review would be based. Evaluating experience, we identify user challenges. Finally all the data is analyzed to identify any flaws and thereby mentioning suitable solutions for all.

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