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Build timeless web platforms

We provide perfectly fit web development solutions that align to all kinds of business challenges.

We stay updated with the tech world and thus use latest technologies like PHP, WordPress, Web 2.0, Magento, Drupal, HTML, Joomla to create a high-quality application for your business. Our team of experts integrate PHP with database languages like CSS, JavaScript, PHP Code, MySQL. We ensure that our framework guarantees a seamless experience across platforms and devices and thus use quality frameworks like ZEND, Yii and CakePHP.

With years of experience in Web development, we access various project requirements and  use the latest web technologies as it suits best. We are dedicated service providers in the field and do not limit ourselves to the technical part. We also passionately look over the marketing aspect, ensuring maximum output.  We tend to provide a quality report within a given time frame being the most authentic in the industry.

Winning over web Development challenges

At IGMI LEAD we excel in providing the most effective services to our clients, applying unique strategies that help us win over any kind of business challenges.


Application development

Whether building a website from scratch, managing its codes, or assisting its development, we do it all. Our services are entitled to be of maximum utility, providing clients with all the features that they have been looking forward to include in their website. We accomplish all of it in the most cost-effective manner, offering the most effective strategized solutions. We offer cloud services, portal development, website maintenance, portal setup, and a range of other services.

Portal management

We create both web and enterprise portals. Not only creating, but we also take up the entire responsibility of developing the portal, infusing the best suited ideas in it. Our developed portals offers the most efficiency across the global platforms and makes your business stand out in regard to performance. Our portals are installed with features having multiple capabilities and giving access to a wide range of information. The skilled experts in our team strive to maintain utmost accuracy our services.

E-commerce expertise

We offer high-quality eCommerce solutions, providing end-to-end integration, with all round maintenance of the platform. Our experts apply the most appealing UX for a pleasurable experience of users.

Website maintenance

We formulate websites in a way that they be extremely user-friendly. Our experts research various aspects of the development process, taking your ideas in account, and bring out out a platform that provides simple navigation and visual cues for users. Programming, content management, designs, and all other aspects are all dealt by our efficient team members presenting a scalable website at the end. Our websites have stood the test of time and always worked wonderfully.

SaaS services

We excel in assisting SaaS Startups and businesses to enable them a rapid scaling opportunity. With a magnitude of reusable frameworks, we provide the maximum market functionality. We expertise in UX designing and engineering, data management, data analysis, cloud based practices, machine learning and AI.

Open source development

Developing your website with the same source code requires the proper management of open source development. With open source development your website gets the facility to reach out to a wide range of users. However, source codes are visible on the web page of the website. Under our open source website development services you can alter your website’s source code and reach out to millions.

Web App support

We offer you in the developmental process of your website which are developed by us or third-party vendors. From adding functionality to fixing current issues, we have experts assigned at various departments who would solve all such problems efficiently. We provide support in all round development of your website, keeping the future goals in mind.

Website Development Procedure

Our expert solutions assist you in making the best out of your ideas


We take up any kind of challenges and strategize the right solution for it. We help businesses create a unique value in the market.

HTML Design

Our professional experts create functional designs, facilitating easy navigation, helping clients to explore in their preferred domain.


We have highly skilled experts who are well versed with the development codes, assigning websites with customized solutions ensuring quality output.


We provide qualitative services guaranteeing complete privacy of information. Our solutions are authentic and secured building a scalable website overall.

Frequently asked questions

What are the criteria for the functionality of Web Application?

Let us explain the procedure step by step. At the very first, the user pushes a request to the web server. The request is then forwarded to the web application server. Next, the task is performed by web application server which then sends the result to the web server. It is the web server that responds the acquired information back to the user.

How does a native app and a web app differ?

For the functioning of a web app, that operates through the web browser a wi-fi signal or cell signal is required. A Native app has its place directly on the mobile phone. Depending on the nature of the app, a native app can also work without any internet connection which is not the case with a web app.

Which is the best suited platform for building web applications?

Multiple platforms exist where you can build a web application. A few favorable ones are mentioned below :

  • Angular JS
  • js
  • Phalcon
  • net
  • Symfony
What are the different models of web applications?

The components of Web Applications can be integrated under different models:-

  • Single Web Server
  • Single Web Server with Database Server
  • Multiple Web server with Single Database Server

Multiple Web Servers with Multiple Database Servers

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