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As per a recent study conducted on the importance of web-based services and IT in the present day, context revealed that around seventy to eighty percent of business organizations have already ventured in the domain of web or the internet. And the trend is on the verge of rising. Hence, it is quite clear that to develop a business an enticing website is highly required to reach out to target customers.

At IGMI Lead, we understand the value of your business, and working with us means availing state-of-the-art web-based solutions all under one roof. As a reputed web designing company, our team of experts strives hard to deliver an interactive and user-friendly design to our customers that are easy to relate and connect.

We Understand Your Needs as a Web Design Agency

Your requirements are our top priority. As a web designing company in India we focus on our client’s goals, we understand it chalk out a strategy and provide service accordingly. At IGMI Lead, we set our focal point to deliver top-notch websites and software services whether we are developing a site from scratch or it is remodeling or revamping your old website with modern features.

Here, we do not appreciate ourselves as a leading web or technology service provider rather, our testimonials provided by our clients speak thousands of words for us. These definitely add value to our service and our commitment to our customers.

We Support Our Clients as a Custom Web Design Company

Do you want a tailor-made website design for your firm that can appropriately suit your business demands or requirements? If the case is so we are happy to help you in every possible manner. With our expert team members, we can cater to you with a fully customized or tailor-made website design that can rightly fulfill your needs.

We provide creative designing that will become appropriate for your business or venture. Moreover, our creativity speaks. At IGMI Lead, we understand the importance of an interactive and flexible design that can very easily reach out to the target audience.

Web Designing Techniques That We Utilize for a Great Service

At IGMI Lead, we design websites using responsive web design technologies that can impart the best results to our clients. Responsive helps to view a website across all different screen sizes and makes the portal compatible on all devices. Our experts are capable of designing mobile-specific and tablet-specific websites that can cater to high-end businesses who are willing to maintain an exclusive mobile or tablet domain that is designed specifically keeping in mind tablet or smartphone users requirements.

Being a web designing service provider we believe to deliver a web portal that has got some unique look and feels that can quickly allure target visitors of the business. So, we also design websites that consist of the latest parallax design and 2D or flat design principles for a much more polished look. We are experts in creatively designing websites that are scrolled for numerous times like social media sites. Such web portals have become a trend in the current day scenario.

Moreover, our experts also use semantic HTML that can prove to be beneficial for SEO related activities in the portal. By utilizing the latest HTML features and cascading style sheet (CSS) norms in our website design, we make sure that our designed portals impart the best website browsing experience to users no matter what device or browser they are using.

Web Designing Services That We Cater to

At IGMI Lead, our team of experienced web designers is capable of providing affordable and flexible web designing services to a varied segment of industries. They are experts in delivering eye-catchy designs to our clients.

  • Web Landing Page Design

    Designing a landing page wisely is a matter of concern for every website owner. At IGMI Lead, our designers are experts in doing so.

  • Responsive Web Design

    Responsive design is crucial for any web portal. It helps to adjust the same in several forms of device. And our graphic designers have the right capability to feature websites over smartphones, desktop as well as laptops.

  • UI/UX Design

    Our expert and professional designers deliver the best in class UI/UX design based on your specific requirements or business needs.

  • Mobile Website Designing

    If we take a look into the current day scenario we can easily notice that around ninety percent of people are accustomed to using mobile in their present-day life. And for this, it has become crucial for every business to approach its customers through mobile. So, creating designs for the website that will best fit a mobile device is rapidly increasing. To meet this demand our professionals are ready to fulfill all your needs.

  • Technologies We Use for Web Designing Purposes

    We believe in providing affordable as well as creative and SEO friendly website designing service to our clients. So, to deliver the best in class design we have adopted the latest technology.

    Adobe Dreamweaver. Sketch Adobe Photoshop Bootstrap HTML5 jQuery JavaScript CSS and many more. Our staffs are equally competent in performing designs through all these podiums.

Industries We Cater to Our Service

We have not restricted ourselves in a single industrial sector rather we diversified ourselves. We cater to our service to a varied industry. From small to medium as well as large scale organizations we do not distinguish and serve our clients with equal importance. The sectors we serve are-

Telecommunication Health Education Food sector Retail segment Financial Travel & tourism sector and many more.

Our Procedure of Work

We follow a fixed and comprehensive procedure for accomplishing a project. The steps that we follow involves:

Discussion with Clients for Requirements

The very first step that we imbibe in our whole process is fetching appropriate requirements from our client’s end. We discuss thoroughly with our clients and understand their exact requirements.

Pay Securely

We initiate a project after getting a token amount from the client through our secure online mode. After receiving the payment we initiate the work immediately.

Define The Strategy

In the second step, we seat with our experts and create an extensive strategy that will suggest the best developer engagement model as per the budget and estimated timeline

Project Development and Quality Check

After defining strategy our experts develop the project by using the latest technology and deliver the same to the client. But before delivery, we undertake a thorough process of quality check and testing

Why Choose IGMI Lead for Your Service?

Our SEO friendly design helps your site to be more prominent in search engines. We offer affordable solutions that will not exceed your budget. We work with a team of experienced web designers. We follow the latest trends in the market. We are available for your help 24*7. We follow three crucial aspects of our designing- clarity, creativity, and simplicity.